ALD Smart Drive

Virtual training to improve driving techniques to their drivers.

Optimize your costs and contributes to the reduction of accidents.

The e-learning training BTW-styled and consists of 8 modules, which can be started and paused at any time, the modules are:

1. Introduction and objectives
2. Transit Issues
3. Causality / trilogy
4. Prior Review
5. In the driving seat
6. Risk behaviors
7. preventive routines
8. Conclusion and final evaluation

The partner:
This training is conducted in partnership with the CEPA Safe Drive company specializing in road safety, which since 1987 develops, implements and manages programs for control and risk management generated by traffic accidents.

From 2014, the CEPA Safe Drive receives certification approved by the FIA - International Automobile Federation - to perform training of drivers worldwide.



Advantages and Benefits:

Advantages to the Manager

  • Accident reduction (claims)
  • Decrease in fines and traffic offenses
  • Decrease in premature wear parts
  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduction in the emission of pollutants


Driver benefits 
  • Improvement of techniques and information on road safety
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in driving the vehicle
  • Improved quality of life and behavior in traffic
  • More safe, responsible and sustainable direction


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