ALD Sharing

Vehicle sharing system for businesses.

The ALD sharing is a complete solution for car sharing companies, with which you can manage simply use the same vehicle for several employees. A management system allows you to monitor and optimize the cost of travel of its employees.


How it works:

1. Registration: the employee records your data and accepts the service previously validated by your company.
2. Book: The vehicle is reserved according to availability, upon confirmation of booking, a notification is sent to the driver via email. The driver can also choose to share your trip: choosing this option, destination information, and user schedules becomes visible to other users request a ride for this driver.
3. Use: With the user card the employee has access to the vehicle. The card will function as key at the beginning and end of the book: it is to him that you can open and close the vehicle without having the key, which is plugged in the glove compartment to remove the driver. Throughout the time of booking, the driver uses the vehicle key normally for all actions including locking the doors.
4. Return: The vehicle must be delivered in the same place where it was removed, thus ending the reservation. Then the driver will receive an email stating the time of use and the number of kilometers traveled.



- Optimization of costs associated with specific mobility needs: taxis, short term rentals;
- Satisfaction of company employees: professional and personal use.


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