Management tool

To optimize your fleet management through total transparency.


The ALD Net offers a consolidated vision of your fleet administration by ALD Automotive, providing pre-analytical reports: new orders, end of contracts, current fleet… All the reports can be customized thanks to the advanced capacities of ALD net, such as online researches and filters,  possibility to export datas to Excel and PDF, among others. 

The ALD Net also helps with the fleet management, allowing to monitor events such as mileage deviation or renewals, and storages the invoices. 

Besides this tool, ALD Automotive provides various custom-made reporting realized by a dedicated team. 

Benefits : 

  • Flexibility : the reports can be customized according to the needs;
  • Simplicity : quick access to the information, 24/7;
  • Security : confidential password and customized profiles; 
  • Visibility : clear analysis about various aspects of the fleet.




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