Including safe first-line for its fleet of outsourced vehicles.

Take the road safely. 

ALD Automotive allows you to integrate the insurance within the externalization of your fleet management. This solution is offered by ALD Automotive together with first class Insurance companies that shows the best practices on the market according to SUSEP, the governamental agency in charge of the insurers activities' regulation in Brazil. Your risk is analysed to define together the guarantees that best fit your needs. 
The available coverages

  • Hull coverage in case of total

  • Hull coverage in case of partial

  • Coverage against third

  • Coverage of personal

  • Coverage of glasses.

Benefits :

  • First class insurance policy contract;
  • The franchise is not charged in the coverages against third parties (personal injuries and property damages), theft, burglary, fires and total loss; 
  • The franchise is charged only in colision case, if the repair value exceeds the franchise value defined for the insured vehicle; 
  • Full transparency and clarity concerning the franchise and the other amounts related to the processes to be charged from the client; 
  • Centralized and profissional management that allows a global and homogeneous vision of you vehicles' fleet management. 


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