ALD Comfort

Tracking service and schedule revisions, maintenance and removal.

ALD Automotive offers a full solution concierge for the driver to save time and be free of concerns related to the maintenance of your vehicle. This service includes:

  • Survey of current vehicle mileage.
  • Term control of the revisions indicated by automakers.
  • Warning to drivers on the timing of the review, in order to avoid the loss of factory warranty.
  • Scheduling services along with our accredited network.
  • Removal of the vehicle by the driver the place indicated by the accredited through platform thereby minimizing the risk of undue damage to the automobile and fines.
  • Monitoring of the review by the provider network, to identify any problems.
  • Returning the vehicle at the location indicated by the driver, also through the platform.

The advantages:

  • Reducing the cost of maintenance generated by the loss of warranty, for lack of revision.
  • Convenience for the user who does not need to perform the scheduling of revisions and move to the provider network.
  • Conductor devoted exclusively to his work, without worrying about your vehicle.
  • Cell dedicated to eligible service conductors, ensuring a unique and differentiated service.
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